Big Bend National Park, Texas: Everything You Need To Know

big bend national park texas everything you need know

Imagine miles upon miles of open desert, with windswept brush and wild west vibes.  Think of rocky, bolder laden mountains covered in forests, where bears and mountain lions still roam wild.  Envision a river flowing through canyons, a landscape so vast it was once inhabited by the largest dinosaurs to ever live, and open skies so immense and dark the cosmos come to life at night.  This is Big Bend National Park.


2021 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Travelers

2021 holiday gift guide the best gifts for travelers


Looking for the perfect holiday gift for that traveler in your life?  Buying for travelers can be a hard task.  What do you get for someone that is always on the go?  In my experience, most travelers like to pack light and we like to only take those things that are useful or will make our trip easier. 


So, skip the money belt this year and buy your modern nomad something they will actually love and use.  Here is a list of the best travel gifts for wanderlust travelers, no matter what your budget.


Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas: Not Just the Other Big Bend

big bend ranch state park texas not just the other big bend

Featuring some of the most stunning scenery in West Texas, Big Bend Ranch State Park is a Texas sized item for any bucket list.  Winding along the Rio Grande, Big Bend Ranch State Park is the largest state park in Texas by far.  With the motto of ‘The other Side of Nowhere,’ any explorer can easily escape into this wild west landscape. 

scenery big bend ranch state park texas
One of the many amazing views along FM 170 in Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Big Bend Ranch State Park is an overlooked gem in West Texas.  Often passed up for its more well-known neighbor, Big Bend National Park, this state park offers a list of itinerary options that could put any park in its place.  Being overshadowed by the neighboring national park means that the hundreds of miles of trails are left for you to explore in solitude.  So, bring your hiking boots, your camera or palette, and enjoy the wide-open spaces of The Other Side of Nowhere. 


St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands: Travel Guide


st thomas us virgin islands travel guide

St. Thomas, one of three islands in the US Virgin Islands, is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world.  This lush tropical island is dotted with white sandy beaches, wrapped in warm turquoise water, and has a near perfect climate year around.  It is easy to see why it is one of the most desirable island vacation spots in the world. 


7 Important Things to Know Before Visiting the US Virgin Islands

7 important thing to know before you visit the US virgin islands


So, you are planning a trip to the beautiful US Virgin Islands? You undoubtedly have a few questions about passports, packing, and an array of other things. Visiting a new destination naturally comes with questions of the unknown, especially one that is outside of the US. To help I have put together a guide of important information about the US Virgin Islands addressing everything from travel questions to packing tips. Here are my top 7 important things you need to know before visiting the US Virgin Islands.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands: Comprehensive Travel Guide

tortola, british virgin islands travel guide


Tortola’s dramatic tropical landscape is an image straight from a postcard. Its mountainous interior, draped in a lush green forest, dominates the island while also protecting the numerous bays with their white sandy beaches and still turquoise water.

Tortola is the British Virgin Islands (BVI for short) largest island and home of its capitol. Although it is the largest island, it is still small (only 21.6 sq. mi), so nothing is out of reach for the avid explorer. Whether you want to bask on one of the many beaches, explore the tropical forests, discover the many historical sites, or splash around with the sea life, Tortola has so much to offer.

Virgin Gorda, BVI: Travel Guide

virgin gorda british virgin islands tour guide

The British Virgin Islands have been nicknamed "nature’s little secrets" and Virgin Gorda exemplifies this title perfectly. Virgin Gorda, BVI’s third largest island, is the quintessential island getaway. This idyllic island is home to protected nature sanctuaries, amazing national parks, and beautiful unspoiled and uncrowded beaches.

spanish town virgin gorda british virgin islands
The Valley and Spanish Town

Explore the rugged trails of Gorda Peak or 99 Steps, learn about the history that brought this island where it is, or soak up some of Virgin Gorda's remote beaches. The spectacular landscape, turquoise waters and coral reefs, and unforgettable people make Virgin Gorda an idyllic island getaway that is sure to captivate visitors at every turn.

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