Monday, March 26, 2018

Teapot Mountain

teapot mountain taiwan

              Teapot Mountain, a four-hour hike, is by far one of my favorite hikes in Taiwan.  Only 1.5 hours from Taipei, it can easily be done as a day trip.  Being located so close to Taipei, many Taiwanese get up early to make the trek up and around the mountain range.  You will often come across older Taiwanese people that will put you in their dust as they walk past as if the trail is no trouble at all.  

teapot mountain taiwan
Teapot Mountain

Teapot Mountain is named after a rock formation that is (you guessed it) shaped like a teapot, but with its handle broken off.  The hike though, takes you to much more than just this rock formation itself.  

viewpoint trailhead teapot mountain taiwan
Viewpoint from the Teapot Mountain trailhead

              The hike starts at a viewpoint overlooking the old goldmine shafts and port below.  It then takes you up countless stone steps that wind up the mountain and ending at the Teapot rock formation.  Don’t worry about getting to tired though.  There are many viewpoints and gazebos along the way that you can rest your legs at and take in the amazing view.  

cave teapot mountain taiwan
Cave through Teapot Mountain

cliff teapot mountain hike taiwan
Cliff to get to the otherside of Teapot Mountain

              Once at the rock formation the hike becomes a lot more adventurous and fun.   Getting to the other side of the rock formation requires you to climb over some large rocks, through a small cave, and down and across some more large rocks and cliff edges.  The trail at this point becomes dirt as you make your way up a ridge and start you assent to the mountain top above.  The last bit of the trail just before the mountain top takes some light rock climbing to finish.  You must make a short assent up a crevice in the rock face with the assist of foot holes and ropes (it’s not as hard as it sounds).  

rock climp top teapot mountain taiwan
A little rock climbing to get to the top of the ridge

cliff face top teapot mountain taiwan
Cliff face while walking along the ridge

              Having made it to the top, you deserve a rest and a chance to take in the amazing 360° views that your hike as awarded you.  From this point you can see the mountain range to one side, the Pacific Ocean to the other, and, on a clear day, you can even see Taipei 101 reaching into the sky in the distance.  After taking in the sights you will climb along the rock faced cliffs, with the aid of ropes, as you make your way down the ridge of the mountain.  This will soon turn into a dirt path and it is easy hiking from then on.  

walkway edge world teapot mountain taiwan
Edge of the world walkway on the way down from hike

              One note here is that the dirt trail will end at a road, but you should not follow the road all the way down.  You will take the road down for a bit and then see a rock path jut off to the right.  Take this trail and it will lead you, first to the Japanese Jinguashi Shrine and then to the Gold Mine Museum, where you will end your hike. 


Getting There and Away

              To get there take the train to the Songshan Station (end of the Green Line) and catch the 1062 bus outside exit 4 of the station.  Ride the bus to the last stop (Quan Ji Tang), then walk up the road.  From here you will see the ocean and the trail head will be down the road to your left. 
              The same bus will take you back to Taipei and can found outside the exit of the Gold Mine Museum.

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